Stuart Taylor, Farmer, Bulls has written this paper as part of his Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme. We share this paper for you to benefit from his insights and practical approaches to attracting and growing good people.  Stuart states “We need to look at ourselves, how we employ people and what we need to do to make it better.  We owe it to our families and our people and to ourselves.  The frustration of running (or working in) an underperforming team is making a job we love into a misery.  The good thing is, there is a better way.  You can have high performing teams that you enjoy working with.  You can have a positive influence on other people’s lives”

If you would like to further be engaged/informed about this work and/or you would like to provide some feedback to Stuart, please email Pauline Hazelton at [email protected]. Feedback will be passed on to Stuart and we will be in contact with you later in September with an update on this work.