Focusing on what matters most results in our clients saying:

‘Thank you for giving me clarity. I now feel in control and have a plan going forward’

‘The discovery session has given me the courage to make some key decisions that were needed’

‘Reflecting on our Discovery coaching session I can now see that I lacked balance in my life – and my decisions were impacting on my family’

‘We have gone and booked a holiday and have confidence that the business will not fall over when we go away’

‘I am getting better at delegating responsibility and trusting my team’

‘I am starting to have the courageous conversations I needed to with my family’

Where are you at?

Is your farming business driving you or are you in the driver’s seat?

Have you got the balance right – personally, family and business?

The demands and challenges of running a sustainable farming business continue to grow. Change is a constant and without clear direction and clarity around where you want to get to can become overwhelming.

Have you heard or thought this?

Drought is impacting my business and I am just trying to survive
How can we breakeven with the current Dairy payout
I am having to spend more time working in my farming business – it is impacting on other areas of my life
Health and Safety – I know I have to document more but have more urgent things to deal with.
Compliance – am I doing enough – what else is coming!!!
How can I get guilt free time away from the farm?
This next development makes sense if my children are interested in coming back to the business – I wonder what they are thinking
My staff and family say I am not communicating with them
Why do I keep losing staff?
Dealing with day to day issues is taking all my time and energy – I am starting to doubt myself
Why am I working so hard?

What can be happening and what others observe?

Work harder
Blame others
Denial and pushing out to another day
Always solving others problems
Telling not asking
Looking for easy off the shelf solutions
Leave important decisions to others by default

Take back control, there is a way forward.

What we have learnt from working with our farming clients:

• Get clear on the end game – what is important to yourselves, your family and your business
• Unloading your thoughts and what is in your head helps
• Working through options and identifying where to start
• Developing a pathway/roadmap to get to where you want to be
• Invest in yourself and your own personal development
• The benefit of being proactive vs reactive
• Understanding yourself will help you understand and value others.

Book in a Discovery session with one of our Rural Coaches – you will not regret it.

Gain clarity as to what is really important for you and your family.

And then develop that roadmap to get there.

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