Through coaching and mentoring we are here to support the growth and development of people through personal shifts, professional growth and effective leadership.

Beginning with a DISCOVERY session our coaches will support you to grow and develop as a leader through

  • Being clearer on who you are and what you stand for
  • Taking ownership for how you influence those around you
  • Identifying what is truly important.

Increased levels of awareness, influence and performance are the outcomes.


The programme content includes how to:

  • Develop practical and pragmatic leadership with yourself and others that will benefit professional and personal areas of life
  • Uncover your leadership potential and drive to be your best
  • Create an engaging future for you and the people you work with
  • Focus on leading through the engagement and empowerment of others
  • Focus on your opportunities and progress
  • Focus on how you choose to respond
  • Focus on current reality and where you want to be.


This is provided face-to-face and via telephone or Skype for scheduled sessions and for ‘just-in-time’ opportunities and challenges as they arise. Typically there is a scheduled session (bi)monthly with as needed coaching sessions in between. Regularly working the coach relationship layers and accumulates skills and learning that build momentum. It is effective to review progress, outcomes and accountability at the end of each three months.


It is fundamental to justify the required investment. This can be captured through;

  • Direct output from the practical action plans
  • An increase in performance measured by your performance management procedures
  • Gaps are identified and measured as they are closed
  • Better alignment with your strategy and business plan
  • Feedback from peers and managers and
  • Observed behaviour shifts that precipitate increased effective.