The culture of the team is a foundation for engagement, positivity, teamwork and sustained high performance. This interactive workshop precipitates shifts in thinking and behaviour at the personal level and in the team. These shifts unlock the potential to leverage from an ‘above the line’ approach and from the different behavioural styles that are found in every team.


The workshop covers:

  • The foundational principle for self-leadership – discover how the individual is in control of how they turn up to work each day and how to influence this.
  • TetraMap® for Teams – an adventure into the nature of behaviour;
    • Why I behave the way I behave,
    • Why others behave the way they do and
    • How to get the best from leveraging each other’s behavioural preferences.
  • With the above learning, the team then create a set of Team Principles that, consistently applied by all, create an engaging, motivating and positive culture.
  • Team to identify and commit to follow-up actions that will embed the learning and hold each other accountable to the Team Principles.


The team benefits from;

  • Individuals taking ownership of their responses to situations that occur daily in their role.
  • Understanding and insights as to why individuals are the way they are, acceptance of that and knowing how to best use their differences to contribute to the team.
  • Creation of a common understanding of what behaviour is required for each to contribute positively to the team.
  • The mandate to hold others accountable to behave to agreed Team Principles.
  • Higher levels of positivity, confidence and motivation.


To discuss, based on time, size of team, and content covered.